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Even though we all love to believe that we are intrinsically different and unique, we all share something incredibly similar but devastating— we all want to be “normal.” Humans love to be praised, adored, and admired; However, a deep, almost secret desire, we all posses is to fit in. Throughout the course of our lives we chase ideals and act accordingly to a set of standards we wish to blend into; to be looked upon as normal. But what if all these perceptions of normality are not just damaging, but also abnormal?

How does an act, a thought, ones appearance…

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Why do we write? Do we write for the purpose of self-fulfillment or do we write out of pure necessity? Do we write because it gives us an opportunity to explore ourselves in a more intimate way or do we write because it is expected of us in a set curriculum? Independent of our reasons to write, they all, unfortunately, come with a set of fears — the fears of breaking “the rules.” No matter if the set boundaries are restricting us stylistically, grammatically, creatively, or expressively, all of them not only push people away from writing but also eliminate…

Throughout the entirety of high school, majority of the students work towards one common goal: getting into college. There is a perceived notion that to get granted admission into a higher-level institution, one has to be “perfect” all around: in academics, extra curricular activities, SAT/ACT scores, etc. High school is a time where all of us set ourselves up to be the top dog — be the unbeatable. However, when we enter into college, we often find ourselves to no longer be the big fish in a small pond. Excelling in high school is vastly different from being the epitome…

Mary Dvorsky

I am currently a Junior at the University of California, Santa Barbara with a passion for writing. I hope that my little articles challenge your mind. :)

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